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January 14, 2020


May 20, 2022

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The seasons play a big part in the way most of us decorate and style our homes. Living in Alberta, Canada in a true 4 season climate lends to this decorating style for us. However, the one struggle we find is that WINTER is so long here that most people are ready to move onto Spring décor while we are still covered in a blanket of snow. We find a lot of people tend to go straight from Christmas decorations to Spring and skip over one of the best parts of the year…WINTER!

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January should be one of your favourite times of the year to decorate

simple fruit decorations for winter

Winter is the season where we should be resting and taking some time to recover from the hustle of the Fall Harvest and Christmas! We let these ideas play a large part in how we transform our homes this time of year. By skipping straight to Spring you are missing out on some quality “slow-down” time that your body and your home need.

Winter Decorating is all about being Cozy

The easiest and probably most thrown around word for Winter is COZY! However, it truly is a great word to keep in mind when styling your home for Winter. Cozy doesn’t need to mean hoards of pillows and blankets, especially if we are trying to keep minimalism in mind! Of course pillows and blankets, especially ones with varying textures can create Cozy vibes, but a couple cozy blankets for your family to enjoy at night paired with some simple natural linen pillows are a great way to mix a minimalist style with cozy vibes.

Simple home decor linen and market basket

White Winter Decorations

WHITE! Yes, the colour white is a great colour scheme to incorporate this time of year. Even if you don’t live in an area that receives snow, most of us associate Winter with Snow. We love to let the outdoors help drive the way we style our homes and this time of year the prettiest scenes outside are when the white snow blankets the land outside.

winter decorations in the dining room

Decorations in the winter

Mixing natural wood elements with touches of white decor is a beautiful style combination and one both girls love to have throughout their homes. This can be achieved using wooden antiques like this French grape pickers trug, soft linens for texture and pretty dishes. Deb loves to display her French ironstone this time of year and Britt uses vintage clear glass jars as simple winter decorations. 

Styling your home for Winter

Scale it back! We wrote an entire post on minimizing and this time of year is great for making this a bit simpler. If we keep the idea in mind of Winter being a season of rest then by scaling things back we are creating less work for ourselves. Think less dusting, less clutter, less things for the kids to fidget with and get dirty.

Crackling fires are Britt’s families absolute favorite. Her entire living room was actually designed around having the largest wood burning fireplace they could find. BUT, you don’t have a wood burning fireplace? Deb has the prettiest gas burning stove fireplace or a lot of you probably have some kind of fireplace or mantel! Don’t be afraid to add a basket or stack of real firewood around this area in your home. The bonus is that once you get a pile a firewood it’s good forever. Unlike Britt’s family that constantly works at getting firewood year round. Or stacks of firewood are also cute on the front porch as well!

fireplace family room winter decorations

Along the lines of cozy fireplace spaces are candles! Simple white candle sticks are a great option. Single candle sticks lined up down your table. Or 2 candle sticks that are connected by the wick can be hung over hooks. Or fill a simple bucket or vase with a hand full of simple candles that have been burned down to various lengths can also look cute displayed.

Simple Candles as decoration

Mirrors are great décor items to incorporate as well. Especially during the darker months of winter mirrors help reflect light throughout the home!

Fresh Fruits and Natural Elements

Adding fresh elements into our homes this time of year is also important for us. Paper whites are a pretty bulb flower that grows indoors and are pretty and the stems are pretty as they are growing. 

Spruce and Pine Trees. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that all of the greenery needs to be put away! Evergreen trees are about the only thing that looks good outside this time of year so why would we limit them to the Christmas season. We will continue to bring in the mini Spruce trees for that fresh element in our homes.

Winter Firewood

Use fresh produce as decor! Mandarin oranges or even artichokes are another option for incorporating this time of year! Most are affordable and look pretty displayed in buckets or vintage containers!

Winter Decorations

We hope that these tips have motivated you to enjoy this Winter Season and to not feel the pressure too skip straight to Spring. Embracing the slow-paced, restful season of Winter will help you be more prepared for Spring!

And looking for a fun, easy DIY project! These faux concrete pots would be cute for winter and to transition into Spring! Check out Satori Design for Living for the tutorial! 

  • I love this post! I try to do this every year and can never stick with the winter decor throughout the month of January. My blogpost, today, is along the same subject matter, but my house is showing more sign of Spring already. Lol… Maybe next year I can get all the way through January!

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