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White Farmhouse


April 11, 2019


May 13, 2022

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We often overfill our homes after the winter months, so when Spring arrives we are usually ready for a refresh! I’m here to give you some Spring Decor Ideas so that you can get your Farmhouse ready for Spring. I’ll be giving you some tips to first, get your home décor clear of that winter vibe and then some tips on bringing in some simple Spring Decor that will give your Farmhouse a fresh vibe that says bring on that beautiful Spring weather! I've also included a downloadable guide that outlines my 6 tips for getting your home ready for Spring, no matter what your decor style is... AND I may have even included a link to take a test to figure out what your decor style is!


Even though I am a minimalist, Christmas always brings in more home decor than even I really like to have around. So once the warmer temps start to come around and the snow begins to melt, I crave subtle pops of colour and a lighter, crisper feel around my farmhouse. So my first tip is to pack away all of the objects that feel heavy (like knit blankets) and anything with winter colours (like reds and dark greys). While I keep a pretty clean house year round, it always feels good to do a few major cleans like behind the fridge and dishwasher. Also, every Spring I like to lighten things up by taking a few bags to the thrift store and garbage.


So I like my decor to constantly evolve and change throughout the season…I think this is how I make minimalism not feel boring and mundane. I don’t keep bins of seasonal home decor sitting around because our Farmhouse doesn’t have a basement. I just don’t have room to keep seasonal items like bunnies and faux florals stored away for those few weeks of the year that I would actually use them. What do I have for home décor? I invest in containers!! Yes containers! I love buying bottles, zinc buckets, and jars that can be the vessel for things like florals and linens. I usually invest in pieces that are antiques like these green beer bottles from Belgium that you can find in my Vintage Society Co. shop. Another tip is that when you invest in pretty containers that have a story, not only to do they look gorgeous filled with flowers, but they look good simply on their own when you are in between fresh flowers. Click [here] to shop these vintage Belgian beer bottles.



Investing in bottles as opposed to jars means that you can get a bigger wow factor with a smaller bunch of flowers. For instance I purchased these simple Spring stems and each jar only needed one stem but the bottles can provide decor for my entire mantel because I can space out the jars.


I live in a 4 season climate so we don’t get tree blossoms until June.  We also can't grow that many varieties of trees that produce the beautiful blooms like warmer places in the United States. Instead, once a year there is one florist that will bring in magnolia blooms. They are so beautiful and unique that they are worth the splurge! My favourite container to place them in is this Vintage Galvanized Bucket from France! We have a shorter version of this bucket available in our shop which is perfect for lilac and peony season! Click [here] to shop our favourite French Antique Bucket. 


Another option is to plant some kind of bulb…this is the first time I have ever planted paper white bulbs. A little tip for planting these bulbs is to get a clear container and place some decorative rocks in the container for the paper whites to root into. Then place the clear container into a mini market basket which is available in my Vintage Society Co. shop. When you use the clear container, it doesn’t show when you place it in a prettier piece of spring décor. These paper whites grew quickly and are still pretty even without the flowers after a couple months! Although, FYI, I did discover that when paper whites flower they have a horrible smell (like cat pee).

You can usually also find tulip or daffodil bulbs that have been started at your local grocery or hardware store and you could simply place that pot into one of these mini market baskets as well. You can shop our mini market baskets [here].


Another option that I have done in the past for my Spring Decor is to pot little herbs that start to come out in the Spring. Things like basil, rosemary, and lavender plants will start to pop up in your local grocery store or places like Canadian Tire or Home Depot. Grab a couple of these simple herbs and place them into a small container.

For another idea, you can check out Deb’s @bvintagestyle saved Instagram story highlights where she has a cool tutorial on how to make dollar store metal containers look vintage with a few simple supplies.



While I love seeing a beautiful dining room table set with plates and cutlery, I'm here to tell you that you can create a beautiful dining room without all the “stuff.” We do not have a formal dining room, our dining room table is used every day and I love that we sit down more at our dining room table than we do at our kitchen island. We use this space on a daily basis it isn’t practical to leave a table set, and because my table is narrow (yes its only 28” wide) that means I have to watch what I set down the middle of the table so that it is practical for us to use multiple times a day.

I remember when I first joined Instagram, I would have our Farmhouse table filled with home decor. Every time we sat down I could see my husbands irritation at either not being able to see who was across the table from him or it taking 5 minutes to clear off the décor before we could sit down together. It took some time for me to really come into my style and to realize that practicality was really important to me. Just because I saw other people doing it didn’t mean that it was right for our family. The idea that less is more is something that I live by. The day I began investing in the quality pieces of décor that truly brought me joy and not just buying decor because someone else had them is when our house truly started feeling like our authentic home. I am also obsessed with the character our Farmhouse dining room table has on its own and I don’t feel like it needs a bunch of stuff to cover it up.

So my favourite idea for styling our table is with simple bottles down the centre of the table and a single stem in each bottle. You can also shop this custom designed apron by Vintage Society [here]



I know not everyone has a mudroom in their home and living in the country I am so glad that we have this space! This room is used so much daily. With the change of each seasons, I have to revaluate and create new ideas of how to optimize this space. In the winter, we need bigger baskets for all of the bulky clothing , but when Spring hits its like this room can lighten its' load! I get to swap out the décor that can be used for holding our Spring essentials.

This year I have removed the upper baskets above our lockers and traded them out for these Vintage Zinc French Florist Buckets because my kiddos will really only need to keep their dirt biking gloves and jerseys stored up here, which don’t take up a lot of space. I love how these buckets give this space a lighter, crisper feel to our mudroom. Another tip that gives your home style and function is to keep a large chunk of linen hanging in the space for wiping off our pets dirty paws when they come in. Then I can simply bleach out these chunks of linen when they get dirty.

If you don’t have a mudroom, think about home décor items that can multitask as storage in your space and try to remove all of the unnecessary seasonal items like mitts and toques that you don’t need filling up one of the busiest spaces in your home. You can shop our French Market Baskets [here].



I feel like when Spring hits we get the “itch to switch” and usually for me I feel like doing a refresh on a room. For me this year, I took on our home office. The office was functioning for day to day needs but as our Vintage Society Co. business grows I wanted a more inspiring space. Deb and I both work from our homes and that is one of the things that we love about our business so I wanted to create a space that gave me more inspiration on a day to day basis.

I will be sharing more details on this bigger DIY office refresh in my next post but for now I wanted to share that as we come into Spring sometimes it feels good to give a space in your home a fresh coat of paint, or maybe just changing out a piece of furniture or some of the art on the wall. Some of my quick tips for deciding which space to freshen up for Spring are:

  1. What kind of budget do you have?
  2. Which space bothers you the most?
  3. Which space would bring you more joy if it were just changed slightly?


You can also check out Deb’s post [here] on her top 5 tips for taking on a Renovation if you are feeling like you are ready for a larger DIY project!


Lets face it… what is the one space we get most excited for when the warmer weather hits….the PATIO! As soon as the snow melts off the patio, I am starting to plan and dream about hanging out in my hammock chair drinking morning lattes and enjoying suppers on the patio with the longer summer days! I am rearranging some of my patio furniture and decor this year and starting to plan what kind of flowers and herbs that I want to incorporate on our patio this year.

Deb and I both love to think of our patios as an outdoor living space as opposed to a typical patio. We love the idea that your patio décor should make the space feel cozy and welcoming like an indoor space. We eat almost all of our meals outside on our patio and I think that’s because it feels just as intimate as our indoor dining room. Deb and I will be sharing a post about how to create cozy outdoor spaces as we get a bit closer to summer.


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