8 Ways to Have a Scandinavian Christmas


A Scandinavian Christmas is all about embracing nature and simplicity. Decorations tend to be made of natural outdoor elements, raw woods, and materials and can also have a touch of whimsy too.

It’s All About Textures

Area rugs, cozy blankets, touches of fresh greenery, and simple holiday decorations are the biggest elements of a Scandinavian Christmas.

Use Natural Elements

Natural elements such as evergreen branches, pinecones, cranberries, birch poles, fresh wreaths, garlands, and dried orange slices all add texture to the space.

Keep It Cozy and Warm

Scandinavian Christmas is known for being a calm, minimalistic style. Mixing rustic elements with clean lines of modern design and cozy decor like candlelight and touches from the outdoors.

Put Up a Scandinavian Christmas Tree

In nordic countries, the most popular trees are variations of the spruce and pine trees. These types of trees make beautiful, minimal Christmas trees.

Add Candlelight and Twinkle Lights

Winter solstice is a big part of the celebrations of a Scandinavian Christmas. Candlelight is therefore a HUGE part of decorating this time of the year.

Neutral Color Pallet

Although the traditional colors of a Scandinavian Christmas are gold, silver, white and red, a neutral color pallet will let the decorations in the space shine.

Think Minimal Style

Less truly is more when decorating any Scandinavian design and the same is true at Christmas. Think about featuring a single style of decoration and only displaying that one type of decor in the space.

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Easy DIY projects like simple handmade paper stars and evergreen Grinch trees or DIY clay ornaments are all examples of beautiful minimalistic Scandinavian decorations.