How To Arrange Tulips In a Vase

Tulip arrangements are easy and inexpensive to create. Follow this guide on arranging tulips in a vase and learn how to make enjoy beautiful and long-lasting tulip arrangements all season long! Tips and tricks to stop tulips from drooping, and how to arrange them in any vase.


– 3 bunches of Tulips of any color, 5 per bunch. – 1 pair of sharp scissors. – 1 tulip vase. –1 tbsp sugar –1 tbsp vinegar

Step 1

Start by filling a clean vase with room-temperature or cool water until it’s about one-third full. Add flower food to your water. You want to make sure whatever you use acts like food for the tulips but that it also kills any bacteria that is forming in the water.

Step 2

Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle, approximately one inch above where they begin to curve downwards.

Step 3

Immediately after cutting, place your tulips into a clean vase filled with room-temperature water – this helps reduce air bubbles from forming on their petals while they hydrate.

Step 4

Let them fall evenly in whatever container you have them in, then just enjoy!