Create a Home You LOVE

Do you get overwhelmed when it comes to decorating your home? Do you love the idea of a beautiful space but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you struggle to bring your vision to life and eventually get discouraged? Knowing your home decor style will help you narrow down your likes and dislikes, and give you guidelines to follow when decorating your home.

This one-minute quiz will help you focus on the interior design style that speaks to you the most and provide suggested Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration, based on your results.

Home Decor Style Quiz coffee table with fresh flowers
attic family room space for a design quiz feature
Home Decor Style Quiz
farmhouse dining room space for a design quiz

Knowing Your Interior Design Style

The First Step…

Take the Quiz! Knowing your home decor style will help you put a name to the interior decor style that best suits you and give you the focus to design a cohesive space and find decor items that work in your home!

Don’t forget to add the Quiz to Pinterest to take again later… Or share it for all your friends to try too!

The Home Decor Style Quiz

When you take this quiz, it’s going to tell you what beautiful home decor style is perfect for you. But that’s not all. I’m going to send you design tips, DIY inspiration, recipes, and even favorite shopping resources to help transform your home! XX

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