11 Simple Ways To Decorate For Winter


The seasons play a big part in the way most of us decorate and style our homes. Decorating for winter can often be overlooked and people tend to go straight from Christmas decorations to Spring and skip over one of the best parts of the year…WINTER!

Remove Red Accents

A few easy ideas to transition from the holiday season to winter decor is to simply remove any red decor, accents or holiday decorations you have out in your home.

White And Bright

The color white is a great color palette to incorporate into winter home decor and the winter months.

Style With Vintage Pieces

Mixing natural wood elements with touches of white decor is a beautiful style combination and one I do in my home all year long.

Keep Your Textures Cozy

Cozy doesn’t need to mean hoards of throw pillows and throw blankets, especially if we are trying to keep minimalism in mind!

Add Natural Elements

Place some bare branches in a winter vignette with some natural evergreen garlands or faux greenery.

Decorate With Candles

Simple white candles are a great idea and are one of the best ways to decorate in the long winter months.

Simplify Your Home

Scale it back! It is a great time for making your decor a bit simpler.

Use Fresh Produce As Decor

Nowadays, you can find so many great items to decorate with at your local grocery stores.

 Touches of Greenery

Leave out a few spruce and pine trees for winter, just not a full-blown Christmas tree. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that all of the greenery needs to be put away!

Decorate With  Flowers

Adding fresh elements into our homes this time of year is also a beautiful way to brighten up a space.

Do What You Love

When all is said and done, do what makes you happy! Just remember that there are truly no rules when it comes to decorating for winter and in your own home!