How to Declutter & Simplify Your Home

Simplifying your home can not only bring you mental peace of mind but can also help to eliminate everyday disorganization and added daily stress. Try these steps to declutter your home.

Clear Out The Space

The first step to the simplification process is to pull everything out of the space!

Sort and Discard

Decide which items will be donated, repurposed, recycled, replaced, or removed and place them each in a separate storage bin, basket or trash bag. Go through and dispose of items that are expired.

Reorganize Your Space

Not only does an organized space make you feel better, but the whole process will also make you more efficient. Try to get in the habit of putting things away when you pull items out.

Resist The Urge to Replace

At first, seeing an empty space can be disconcerting but remind yourself that you don’t require more. It can be so satisfying to live with less and love the items you do have.

Be Realistic

Try to be realistic about what will work and be maintainable for your family.