How To Make A DIY Stair Runner

Installing a stair runner may seem overwhelming and intimidating. The truth is, it is actually a very simple, easy DIY project that even a beginner DIYer can take on! A beautiful stair runner not only adds texture to any staircase but is also safer than having bare wooden stairs.


– 1 unit Jute rugs  – Thick Rug Pads – Rug tape – 9/16 Long Heavy-Duty Staples and Staple Gun – Construction Adhesive and caulking gun – Optional* House numbers

Step 1

Lay your rug pad on the stairs and using the staple gun secure it to the hardwood surface. Apply with construction adhesive.

Step 2

Lay your jute stair runner rug down on the carpet pad. Staple a row of staples under the lip of the step and the base of the riser to secure it.

Step 3

When you get to the end of the runner and need to attach a second one. Use a sharp knife and cut the additional rug. Run a line of construction adhesive where the two rugs meet.

Step 4

Continue this procedure down the stairs until complete.