How To Make The Best Home Colour Selections

Making a home colour selection is not for the faint of heart! Sometimes finding the perfect colour can even feel overwhelming! Use these 12 designer tips to make the best choice when choosing home colour selections and paint colours for your home interiors!

Use Large Designer Swatches

Ask your paint company if they have designer-size samples that you can sign out. These samples are usually larger and will give you a better idea of the true colour when held up in a space.

Think Fashion First

You don’t buy colours you aren’t comfortable in so when picking your paint colours, try to use the same philosophy!

Lighting In Your Home Interiors

It is best to make your decision after you have had the opportunity to see the colour choices in all different lighting.

Use Home Décor As Inspiration

If you already have some of the furnishings for the house, then use those to help you make your paint colour decision!

Work From The Floor Up

This vertical rule begins with a darker shade on the floor, the walls of your home interior can be a medium tone and the ceiling can be a light colour as it makes it feel higher!

The Boldest Colour First

Choose the boldest colour first. Then base the rest of the colours on it!

Use The Colour Wheel

The colour wheel uses analogous colours, or colours next to each other on the colour wheel like blue and green, to come up with a beautiful space.

The 60-30-10 Rule

No more than three colours in a space will help make it not feel so overwhelming to the eye.

Neutrals Are Always Safe

Neutral paint colours can actually be very interesting. In fact, sometimes an all-white or light backdrop is the perfect canvas setting for any space, small or large!

Size And Details Matter

Maybe the area has high vaulted ceilings or maybe it’s a small bathroom or home office. Both will require a different approach.

Paint with Purpose

Think of what activities you do in the different areas of your home and try to plan appropriately.