How To Paint Wood Floors In 5 Steps

Adding painted floors to any room is a beautiful way to update your interior space! This style of flooring has been favoured for not only its beauty, character and charm but also its cost-effectiveness and durability.


– Paint Brush – Paint Roller – Sanding Blocks, – Vacuum Cleaner – Floor Sander, optional – Primer – Floor Paint.  – Polyurethane or Topcoat

Step 1 -Sand and Preparation

Lightly sand the entire floor using a belt or orbital sander and 60-grit sandpaper.

Step 2 - Clean, Vacuum And Repeat

Clean the area thoroughly! Vacuum the surface and wipe it down with hot soapy clean water and a damp cloth.

Step 3 - Apply The Primer

Apply a coat of primer to the surface of the wood planks. Allow to completely dry. Lightly buff the dry floor with a 120 grit sanding block.

Step 4 -Paint Colour Application

Begin by applying the first coat of paint in the colour of your choice in the direction of the wood grain. Allow the floor to fully dry before applying the second coat.

Step 4 - Final Coat Polyurethane

Apply a thin coat of poly to the surface. Again, make sure to let the coats of poly dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.