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Get ready you chippy paint lovers, we finally found a home tour with all the antique farmhouse charm you can handle! This historic home belongs to the ever so talented Kaley from The Little White Farmhouse. Her style is rustic and charming all wrapped up in a beautiful history book of a home. Without further a-due, please give a warm vintage welcome to Kaley!

antique farmhouse home tour with little white farmhouse

Home Tour Series:

Little white farmhouse

exposed beams raw wood kitchen island
Can you give a brief introduction of yourself, your home and work? 

My name is Kaley, I’m 30 and have recently started as a full time influencer/blogger. We also recently moved to an old farmhouse in Connecticut. 

master bedroom farmhouse decor exposed beams and brick accents
What year was your home built and do you have any details of the history or building process you would like to share? 

Our home was built in 1812 and has so much amazing history. It’s called the Lavalley-Crandall home. It was originally built and owned by a mill owner (last name Lavalley) and when he passed away his wife married Hezekiah Crandall. A Quaker and an abolitionist. His sister is known as the heroine in Connecticut, she opened the first ever all African American school for women in the United States up the street from our home. The townspeople were not happy, they ransacked the school, attacked the students, poisoned her well and eventually put her on house arrest. She ended up staying with her brother in our home for safety. She was eventually exonerated with help from fellow abolitionists like Mark Twain. The house has so much history like original floors and beams, a beehive oven, a fireplace that was painted black when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and a piece of marble in our walkway that was gifted to the Crandalls from the original statehouse. Also our barn was used for haying and has been around since the 1700s. 

antique old hay barn on the little white farmhouse home tour
How do you define your decor style? What are your favourite types of decor?

I would say my style is antique farmhouse. I love things that are original and untouched with chippy paint. Mixing woods, whites and olive greens are my favorite! 

antique farmhouse decor style layered windows on mantel
What is your favourite thing about your home? Do you have a favourite room or furniture piece?

My favorite thing about our home is the woodworking. There are beautiful archways in the entry and they call our living room the “rose room” because of the rosettes carved around the windows.

sitting room in the little white farmhouse rusting antique farmhouse
Do you have any big future plans for your home? What is next for you or your home? 

Honestly, we want to keep the history as much as possible so no major plans to change the home itself. We are hoping to grow our own hobby farm in the next couple of years though. Complete with sheep, goats, chickens and more! 

little white farmhouse office space

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If you had one design or decor tip, what would it be? 

Layering, I find that the more you layer your finds the cozier a home feels.

little white farmhouse layered decor in master bedroom
Do you have a business or social media tip you can give to all those who want to start a blog or home decor business? 

I would say just be patient, it takes time. I’ve been working at this for almost 8 years and I find if you put out good content and stick with it you will be successful! 

exposed beams raw wood kitchen island in an antique farmhouse

You can almost feel the history as you scroll through these stunning photos. Thank you Kaley for taking us on a trip through time and through your beautiful home. You guys can follow along with Kaley on her Instagram HERE. As always, don’t forget to tell her who sent you! If you have a unique home you’d like to share, we would love to tour it! Leave us a comment below.

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