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Linen closet organization can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. However, there is something truly satisfying and therapeutic about getting things organized. While it may require some effort and hard work initially, the payoff is incredibly rewarding and goes far beyond the initial work.

This post contains a few simple tricks and creative storage solutions that can make the daunting task of organizing your linen closet both easy and rewarding. 

Full view of a linen closet that is beautifully organized with linens folded neatly, baskets and storage containers.

The Struggle Is Real

Have you ever found yourself buried under an avalanche of towels or struggling to find matching bed sheets? I have, and it’s not much fun! In fact, it is just downright unproductive! A few years ago, I began a journey of simplifying and decluttering my home and spaces… and I have NEVER looked back. Organizing the linen closet was at the top of my list, to be honest, largely because it had become a dumping ground for any item we didn’t have a space or home for. We had everything from birthday wrapping supplies, taxes, flower pots and decor, old computer boxes, our family safe, and even an emergency ladder in our linen closet, over and above the standard linens and bedding. Something needed to change, and it needed to change fast!

Make A Plan

Like any organizing project, it is more likely to be successful if you start with a plan! I like to make a Checklist or have a step-by-step guide of what needs to be done. That way, I know exactly what I need, and I get the satisfaction of checking off what I’ve done. 

Linen closet organization checklist.

This simple printable checklist will help you stay on track when you tackle your linen closet. Download the printable version below.

    So, now that you have a plan, let’s dive into some practical steps to bring order to your linen closet and simplify your daily routine!

    How To Organizing a Linen Closet

    Organizing your linen closet is a game-changer for a more efficient and stress-free daily routine. A well-organized linen closet ensures that you can easily find what you need. Whether you have a small closet or one with lots of extra space, these linen closet organization ideas will help you to do a linen closet makeover by just following these easy steps.

    Empty The Closet 

    Before you begin organizing your linen closet, remove EVERYTHING from the space! This will allow you to start with a clean slate and assess all the items you have. This brings me to step two.

    Declutter And Purge 

    It is time to declutter, which means first sorting and then purging! Make three piles or have three bins ready for sorting: one for items you will keep one for items you will be donating, and one for everything left that is most likely going to the garbage. Then, begin to sort through the items and declutter. Donate or discard any damaged, no longer needed, or expired linens or toiletries.

    Baskets full of linen sheets in an organized linen closet.

    This process has become more of a lifestyle than a quarterly or annual event in our home. Our whole family continually purges, simplifies, and declutters to eliminate unnecessary or unused items all year round. I promise it gets easier as you practice it more and more, and if my 14-year-old teenage boy can purge and declutter, then I know you can, too. Plus, as you eliminate items in your home, this practice gets easier just because the volume of items is less. 

    Categorize Items

    One of the biggest keys to keeping a simplified, organized home is to find a spot or a “home” for everything. Many items in your closet will be similar and can be grouped together and given an area or space in the closet. You can group or categorize things by type, size, or color (my preferred choice). You can also create categories such as bath towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, toiletries, and other linens. 

    Linen towels that have been sorted by color and like items and then stacked inside a wicker basket in a linen closet.

    I like to do a combination of both. First, find the category that your similar items fall in, e.g., sheet sets. Then, sort the sheet sets by color, darkest on the bottom and lighter as you go up.

    Once you have categorized all items, you can calculate how many containers and storage baskets you will need to begin putting items back into the closet. 

    Refresh The Linen Closet

    Before you begin putting anything back into your closet, consider a fresh coat of paint or wallpapering the space. If you go through all the work of organizing the linen closet but the walls are scuffed or multi-colored, you will not be as satisfied with the finished closet. 

     A quick coat of paint may only take an hour and will make your closet space look that much better. For a small linen closet, stick to a lighter paint color to help the small space feel bigger; if you have a lot of space, try adding a bold wallpaper or a paint color with depth. Try using these tips on choosing paint colors to help make a color selection.

    Invest In Storage Bins and Baskets

    Now comes the best part- or at least my favorite part! It is time to find your favorite bins and baskets to store and organize all the items you will put back into the linen closet. There can be a few different approaches to this. 

    Canvas baskets are a great way to store larger items, whereas clear containers and plastic bins are excellent options for storing extra toiletries or small items. 

    A beautiful organized linen closet with baskets and bins that hold linen sheet sets.

    Professional organizers recommend using a label maker and adding labels to your bins. Labeling bins or containers helps you easily identify their contents and prevents you from rummaging through multiple containers to find what you need.

    dymo label maker for labeling

    When I began this process, I used the need for bins and large baskets as an opportunity to find my favorite vintage storage containers and antique baskets. Not only does this space function much better than before, but it also makes me SO happy to see all the beautiful containers I have collected or sourced over time. 

    Wicker baskets like these are also an excellent option for linen closet storage. 

    Maximize The Space

    Now that you have decluttered and purged, made categories for the items you are keeping, found containers to store them in, and refreshed your closet space, it’s time to plan the layout and strategy of your closet. A few questions you want to ask yourself are

    1. How can the space be maximized?
    2. What categories or items are used the most?
    3. What categories or items are used the least?

    The main goal is to figure out if you can create ample storage space by using the vertical space or the WHOLE closet. Can space be maximized by adding hooks on the walls, a door rack, or storage to the back of the door? You can hang wire shelving off the top shelf for more storage. This is an excellent spot for smaller items or frequently used toiletries.

    Linen sheet sets and towels folded and stacked neatly in an organized linen closet.

    Next, look at the entire closet and decide which shelves will be the most accessible. Perhaps the bottom shelf is better for extra sheets and towels, whereas the second shelf is at eye level, so placing your most used items, like sets of sheets or cleaning supplies, makes sense.

    If you have young children, then the cleaning products on the top shelf make more sense; they are only reachable with a stool. ( I always recommend keeping a stool in your closet for easy access to the upper shelves.) I also like to keep extra pillows and bedding on the top shelf, as they are not used as often, so they don’t need to take up valuable shelving space.

    Also, consider installing adjustable shelving to accommodate different sizes of linens and allow for customization as your needs change. Figure out a layout that maximizes the space and will also work for all your family members! 

    Fold Linens Neatly

    If you have ever worked in a retail environment, you know how important it is to fold the items and face all the shelves. This process will, in fact, result in increased sales! The reason is that neatly folded and faced items are more visible and accessible to customers, and a well-maintained and organized display conveys a sense of quality and care. The same holds true in your own organized space.

    Uniformly folding your towels and linens gives your linen closet a tidy appearance or clean look and allows you to maximize your storage space. It will also allow you to have a visible view and tell where everything is at a glance, saving you time when you need something.

    Find my recommendations on linen sheets and how to care for them. Shop all types of linen in the B Vintage Style Shop.

    The top shelf of a linen closet that has different linens folded stacked together.

    Another easy way to fold your linens and keep them organized is to store matching sheet sets together by bundling them together, wrapping them with a labeled band, or folding them into one matching pillowcase. 

    Rolling your towels and linens and then stacking them vertically is also a great idea. Storing items vertically rather than horizontally makes better use of shelf height and prevents items from getting lost behind others. Consider using vacuum storage bags to compress and save space for items like seasonal blankets or duvets.

    A duvet that is vacuum packed and stored on the top shelf of an organized linen closet.

    Maintain Your Organized Linen Closet

    Okay, now that you have done all this work to organize your linen closet, how do you keep it that way? Sustaining an organized linen closet is easy with a few simple practices. 

    1. First, regularly declutter by removing items you no longer use. 
    2. When putting away clean linens, take a moment to fold or roll them neatly to maintain order. 
    3. Routinely check for expired or unused items and remove them promptly. If you have any linens with holes or tears, sew them or toss them. Please don’t hold on to them!
    4. Finally, and probably most importantly, embrace the habit of returning items to their designated spots or “homes ” after use, which prevents clutter from accumulating.

    I truly hope you find this guide useful! It really is one of the questions I get asked about the most, and in the end, it is all about having a plan and executing it well! Let me know how your project goes in the comments below, and I would love to see your beautifully organized linen closets! Tag me on Instagram, and I will share your successes. 

    Frequently Asked

    How do I organize my linen closet?

    Of course, my long answer would be to follow my guide above; however, to summarize:
    1. Start by removing everything and decluttering items you no longer need.
    2. Categorize linens by type and invest in clear storage bins or baskets for smaller items.
    3. Decide on a closet layout. Use shelf dividers to prevent stacks from toppling and label containers for easy identification. Consider hanging organizers on the closet door for extra space.
    4. Fold or roll towels neatly to maximize space and visibility. Store sheet sets inside matching pillowcases to keep them together.
    4. Regularly review and purge items to maintain a clutter-free space.

    What is the best way to organize sheets?

    The best way to organize sheets is to fold them neatly and store each sheet set inside one of its matching pillowcases. This keeps everything together, makes it easy to find the right set, and minimizes clutter in your linen closet.

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