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All of us, at some point in our lives, will need to have more storage. No matter if it is your first home, the fact that you are starting a growing family, or you have just taken on a hobby that is taking up more space than before. Storage space-saving and organization ideas for small spaces are a must for most of us.
Keeping our home organized allows us to be more prepared and function systematically, thus allowing for less chaos. Storage solutions are the key to staying on top of being organized. I have combined some of the practical and useful space-saving ideas our family uses and hope you can try some of these in your homes.

Tiny house kitchen with lots of storage and organization ideas painted white with shiplap.

Storage And Organization Planning Ideas

Organization can be a lot of work, even in a small space, but the effort pays off tenfold. It is a good idea to start any organizing project by making a plan and a checklist as a guide! This way, you can have the satisfaction of checking things off as you go. 

There are several ways of getting started when planning a space for organization. You can choose to take on the space room by room or create categories that fit your needs and belongings in your home. This is the professional organizer Marie Kondo’s approach. Instead of storing your items by location, try storing them by category! Having your items in designated areas by categories makes it a really easy ‘go-to’ spot to find your things.

I love to take one space at a time, but for a small space, breaking down your belongings into categories tends to work best! As the saying goes, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” 

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Farmhouse kitchen with flowers and copper pots hanging on the side of the island.

Adding Storage To Your Home

There are so many ways to add storage to any existing space, with or without doing a major renovation. Thinking outside the box and developing clever or creative ideas is a must. The key to a great organization idea for a small space is to think of storage options that are both functional and look good, too.

Our first tiny home was only 900 sq ft in size, so we had to come up with some creative home hacks to organize and keep our home functioning optimally. We became resourceful and had to develop organization ideas for small spaces. Every single inch of that home needed a purpose! With two young children, a dog, and a mother with a large closet of shoes! Our family needed all the space savers we could find!

 Once we put these practices in place they didn’t seem hard to maintain, we even carried a large amount of them into our new, much larger home. Of course, I am also able to use these methods in our tiny house cabin too.

Farmhouse back entrance with boots and a coat rack with a hat and bag hanging for storage and organization ideas for a small spaces.

Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

Declutter Your Home

Before you think about storage for your tiny space or small home, declutter or purge. This could help to reduce what you require storage for significantly. There is no need to hold on to items you haven’t used in months or years. Try these tips on decluttering and simplifying your home, and grab my printable cleaning checklist, too!

Map Out Your Area

 Like so many things in life, preparation is key to success. If you take the time to plan and map out your area, you are more likely to have a better outcome. Consider what the area will be used for and what design or layout will cover the most effective amount of storage. 

Pull out the good ol’tape measure and a roll of painter’s tape, then measure and tape the area so that you can actually see what the space will look like and how much room you will have. Seeing the layout can sometimes help you make decisions that could help save money down the road.

Tiny house kitchen and front door view with open shelves and painted floors.

Use Vertical Space

Another important design element to consider when deciding on storage in any space is to think vertically. There is a lot of unused space from the floor to the ceiling of a room; if you can utilize this space, it can sometimes make a huge difference in your storage area. 

Ways to Maximize Storage Space

Creating creative ways to maximize home storage and organization ideas for small spaces is a must for so many people. There are many ways to add creative and functional design elements and permanent storage solutions.  

By using some of these methods, I can keep my home cleaner and more organized and operate more efficiently because I rarely lose track of things. Here are a few ideas to try.

1. Small Space Storage Furniture

There are many different types of organization ideas for small spaces, and furniture with storage is right at the top!  A beautiful kitchen hutch, a filing cabinet, and even coffee table trunks. In fact, the coffee table serves so many different purposes and is truly the perfect solution for lack of storage. Finding an ottoman or trunk instead of a traditional coffee table is a great way to store blankets, games, controllers, and more. 

White painted cedar chest coffee table with peonies used for orgaization ideas for small spaces.

This storage solution became key when we had our kids. They didn’t want to have a toy room to play in, they wanted to be where we were, so the coffee table doubling as a toy chest worked perfectly. Then as the kiddos got older we changed out the toys for our comfy blankets in this space!

Check out these tips on how to style beautiful coffee table decor, too.

2. Seasonal Clothing Storage

No matter the size of the closet you have, it never seems to be enough! If you don’t have a large bedroom closet, try cycling your clothing out for the seasons. Storing your clothes off-site is a great way to make sure you only have items you will use out at one time. Plus, as a bonus, every time you bring clothes back in, you should be able to purge what you don’t think you will wear.

A great option for extra space is to invest in vacuum bags when you store your clothing. This will ensure that none of your clothes get ruined in storage and give you more space because the bags become compact. An off-site storage unit may be the best way to give you enough space at home. It may seem like more work to have clothing stored off-site, but the pleasure of having an organized and functional closet is worth it.

3. Assign A Junk Drawer

The “Junk Drawer” is also known as the holder of everything! Everyone has a drawer like this that seems to be jammed with everything that doesn’t have a place! While there is nothing wrong with having a junk drawer, I recommend cleaning it out and sorting it every few months to keep it organized. Resist the urge to hoard more than you need in this drawer, too. Can you think of a time you will need 50 twist ties? Me either, so get RID of them!

An organized junk drawer for a small space.

In our house, each one of us has a kitchen drawer that is an ‘Our’ drawer. These drawers are located right when you walk into the home, and we each know to stay out of the other person’s drawer! This kicked that awful habit of having everyone leave their odds and ends on my kitchen counters when they enter the door.

 It also provides a great place to put keys, wallets, and other important items that you don’t want to go missing when you are in a rush to get somewhere.  

Farmhouse kitchen with a chandelier and french market baskets used for storage and organziation.

4. Use Under Bed Storage

 One of the best organization ideas for small spaces is using under-the-bed storage! There is so much wasted space under a bed, which makes it the perfect space to add storage!! Nowadays, you can purchase the perfect-sized bins that will fit under any standard bed. Some of these bins can be used as bed drawers underneath and come with rolling wheels, making them even more convenient. Add a bed skirt, and you won’t have to worry about seeing any of the bins at all.

I have bins under all of our beds; they make the best storage. Plus, the kids can’t shove unwanted junk under there! I keep a bin for my painting/work clothes, one for my gym gear, and one for my jams! 

Blue rubbermade bins being used for storage under a bed. organization ideas for small spaces.

5. Utilize Baskets Or Storage Bins In Small Spaces

 Ok! This one is a no-brainer! Wicker baskets and bins are a great way to add texture to any room, so why not use these space-savers to hide your unwanted visual items, too? Use them to store craft supplies in a craft room, blankets and toys in a living room, or other small items for kitchen storage or in an office.

French market baskets are another great space saver. I love hanging one of these cuties on the back of a chair or beside my office desk! I store my day timer, camera, and sometimes even my laptop in mine.

Farmhouse bathroom with shiplap walls and an antique basket used for storage and organization. Ideas for small spaces.

6. Install Drawer Organizers And Cabinet Organizers

Having a drawer or cabinet organizer is a wonderful way to add storage to a kitchen, garage, office, or craft space. There are so many amazing customizable options now, too. 

However, if you have an older kitchen like mine, you can purchase drawer savers that can be added to any existing drawer or cabinet. Here are a few great options:

Drawer organizer in a farmhouse kitchen. Organization Ideas for Small spaces.

7. Back Of A Door Organization

 This is an oldie but goodie! Most people’s homes have a lot of unused vertical space. Use the inside of cabinets or doors as storage areas. Place storage cubbies or a door organizer on the back of a kitchen or office door as a practical place to put the kid’s school information and bills that need to be taken care of. This stops things from piling on your counters and in the office and is one of my favorite organization ideas for small spaces.

Hang frequently used items on hooks or hangers that can be permanently attached to a bathroom or closet door. You can even add peg board into kitchens, garages, or craft rooms.

 I also painted the inside of the cabinet doors with chalkboard paint so that I could write any lists or messages that I wanted the family to know. We added this large storage base behind the door in our kitchen for all the canned goods we use a lot.

I love this vertical back of the door storage unit, which has adjustable shelves and can fit mulitple size doors. You can find it in Canada here.

Back of the door organizer and storage being used in a small space.

8. Organization Ideas For Under The Stairs 

Another of the best ideas for small space organization is to use up under-the-stairs storage! Most people’s homes have a TON of wasted space under the staircases. This is an excellent space to make use of. Closet this area, add an attractive cabinet to hold items or even build shelving under there instead. 

This house has two staircases, and we have made them into storage savers underneath both locations! We made the front staircase into a closet for additional coats and boots, while the back staircase has become a pantry and office area! I don’t know what to do without these two areas in the house now!

Jam cupboard stored under the stairs for additional storage in a small space.

9. Simplify The Pantry

Another one of my favorite organization ideas for small spaces is to place your home goods and kitchen supplies in labeled jars instead of leaving them in bulky, awkward boxes. Doing this will give you a better idea of what you have on hand and what you need to shop for. Jars or similar-style storage containers are not as bulky, so you can add more items to your space. 

I started this when I first moved in with my husband because we were forever running out of dry goods, and I wouldn’t even realize we were low until they were gone! It is a bit of work filling the jars every time they are low, but it makes life and grocery shopping so much easier when you know exactly how much of each product you have left! 

Vintage kitchen cabinet full of jars in the kitchen.

10. Add A Window Bench

 Practical and resourceful! A window bench is a wonderful way to add seating and additional storage to any space where there is enough room. This can be a simple bench-style seat with a hinged lid or add a few custom-fit pillows to make the space extra comfortable.

There is nowhere else my little girl would rather read her stories than on a bench in the sunlight of a window. We have built-in seating in some of our rooms that are original to the home, but a bench with storage will give you the same effect.

White window bench in a bay window of a bedroom. Pillows on top of the window seat.

Shop Storage And Small Space Organization Ideas

There are many organization ideas for small spaces and different ways to store your items, but here are a few of the best space-saving products for a clutter-free space!

Adjustable Back of the Door Storage Unit

1 unit, 5 wire baskets, $99

Back of the door storage unit.
Back of the Door St

Clear Storage Containers for under the bed

2 pc, with wheels, $60

Under the bed storage carts that have wheels.

Command Hooks

Damage-Free Hanging Wall Hooks, $14 

Free hanging wall hooks from 3M.

Clear Bins

6 PCS Food Storage, $27

Clear storage containers set of 4.

Large Wicker Basket

17″ Tall, $75.99

Large wicker basket for storage.

Check out the B Vintage Style Shop for more of my favorite storage and organizational products.

Tips and Tricks For Small Space Organization Success

  • Keep your linens in a dark, dry, well-ventilated space. When you store linens, ensure that there is proper ventilation in the area. (Check out why I love to use linen sheets and my tips on washing linen and keeping it white and bright.)
  • Rotate Seasonal Clothing. Keep the current season’s clothes on hand, and store away the rest. Use vacuum-sealed bags to condense the space your off-season clothes will take up.
  • Hang as much as possible on hooks or coat racks. Rather than filling your walls with decor, use the wall space as additional storage by hanging everyday items there instead.
  • Add a pot rack to your kitchen. This adds an element of decoration to the space and acts as additional storage.
Rustic farmhouse kitchen island with a striped linen towel and copper pots hanging on the side for storage.

I hope you have found some of these organizational ideas for small spaces useful. I promise that once you implement some of these into your home, you will be surprised at how easy they are to maintain and how much they help you and your family stay organized!

For even more tips, check out these tips on enjoying the little things that make a happier home, and don’t forget to grab my 5-step simple living guide while you are over there.

FAQ On Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

How do you organize a small room space?

There are many organization ideas for small spaces, but before you begin, always have a plan in place! Begin by decluttering the space and trying to take a minimalist approach. Use areas of your home that are sometimes overlooked, like under your bed, under the stairs, and in vertical wall space. 

Where do I start decluttering when overwhelmed?

Organizing any space, small or large, can sometimes be completely overwhelming! There are a few ways to change your approach and mindset when taking on a space like this. 

Of course, you want to start with a plan and map out the space! You can also try the 80/20 rule of decluttering. Studies show that most people use 20% of their belongings 80% of the time. So, take a good look at how much you use each item in your home. Keep the items you use constantly and start to purge the rest. 

What are your favorite storage solutions? Leave them for me in the comments below, and make sure you add this post to your Pinterest board so you can return and read it again.

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