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A great mudroom bench and storage system is so awesome to have in your home! Read on to see some ideas that you should consider before designing or redoing your mudroom entryway!

Farmhouse Mudroom Bench

Mudroom bench options

Every great mudroom starts off with a good bench! However, before you select your bench material weigh out these pros and cons.

Mudroom MDF Bench

MDF Bench – Britt initially installed a MDF bench because it was affordable and initially looked good. BUT… MDF is not practical!! After the kids using the bench for a few years it was ruined! Even placing water bottles on an MDF bench can ruin it. 

Wood Mudroom Bench – This can be a great option! You can use salvaged wood which is affordable. Plus a wood bench is durable.

Fabric Bench – In a light use space this can be a good option. A fabric bench adds texture and would be more comfortable.

Quartz or Stone Bench – The most durable bench you can install. However, this is the most costly option. 

After the MDF bench was ruined in Britt’s mudroom she knew she wanted a more durable solution. She had Laporte Surfaces  out of Calgary, Alberta cut quartz to fit over her existing benches. Britt, chose the Eternal Staturio in a Matte finish from Silestone by Cosentino Canada to become her new benches. She loves that the kiddos can get their muddy boots on the bench and she doesn’t have to worry about water bottles ruining the bench anymore!

Installing Quartz Benches

Farmhouse Entryway

Let’s chat about some essentials you want to include when coming into your entryway!

  • Seating
  • Hooks
  • Closed storage
  • Place for Boots

As discussed above we chatted about the different types of benches you can build into your mudroom. Not all of us will have room for a built in locker system though. Placing a small, moveable bench is also a great option. 

vintage doors

Having a place for your guests to hang their jackets is important. No one wants to come in and toss their jackets on the floor.

Especially when you live in a 4 season climate you will need a place to store off season items. Now, you don’t have to limit yourself to storing everything in 1 space. Britt, has a big closet upstairs that she stores jackets and gear that aren’t in season. 

Mudroom Bench and Hooks

While some may opt for having a closed drawer below a mudroom bench we do not recommend this. Rather, using the space under the bench for shoes and boots is a better option. Plus putting wet and dirty boots in a closed drawer will only create a mess, trap odours and will ultimately ruin the drawer. 

Mudroom Layout

Of course the layout of a mudroom will vary depending on if you are starting from scratch or trying to work it into an existing space. Whenever possible try to be mindful of these things.

Door and mudroom bench locations. Be mindful of the door swing and clearance before placing your bench. Even thinking of the way the door swings can be important. You do not want the door opening and hitting the bench. 

Solid Wood Door Opening

If you have the room, leave space for people being able to move away from the door to hang up jackets and take off shoes. 

Britt had the luxury of designing her mudroom from scratch and there are some aspects she absolutely loves! 

1. The mudroom is accessed from the garage and the exterior. Half the time we come in from the garage, but the other half we come in from outside. She didn’t want to limit the mudroom space to only one access point. This view is from the garage in Britt’s house. 

2. The mudroom is adjacent to the laundry room. Especially living on the farm or in the country, things get muddy and dirty A LOT!! The kids can come in and immediately take off dirty, wet clothes before dragging them thru the rest of the house. 

Laundry Room and Mudroom

3. Having a sink in or near the mudroom is another great investment. Britt loves that all of the mess and grim can be left in one space before anyone comes into the main part of the home. 

Mudroom Sink

4. There is a large storage room next to the mudroom. While Britt did loose a large part of her storage room due to an unexpected water cistern system (500 gallon tanks had to be included in this room last minute) it’s a nice space to have. Having the extra hidden room allows Britt to keep the mudroom looking tidy when guests come over. 

Simple Mudroom Ideas

5. Having multiple benches! In the home Britt grew up in, the mudroom was the “hang out” spot! So she wanted to carry this tradition on into her current home. Britt installed 2 benches facing each other which is perfect for seating when guests stop by. This is where Britt hangs out and chats with her Dad when he stops over. Britt loves that guests don’t have to take off their boots to have a visit!

two stone benches
Mudroom Lockers???

Now we know mudroom lockers are the BIG TREND and so many are installing them …. BUT hear us out! 

Britt installed the mudroom dividers on top of the bench, but as you can now see the dividers are GONE! Did the dividers serve a purpose? No they didn’t! The lockers were a waste of space and didn’t stop the kids from mixing up their belongings. Britt also thinks it prevented things from staying cleaner and tidier. 

Mudroom Lockers

So many are also installing cabinetry in the mudroom where belongings are hid behind doors. Now if you are empty nesters we would say yes it’s a great option! But the reality of kids 1. putting their belongings in a closed locker and 2. closing the door is unlikely. Plus when you put wet gear in an enclosed space it creates smells! 

Yes having a place to store and hide away some belongings is essential! Having open storage and places to hang items is JUST AS IMPORTANT! Style and function need to co exist and when you make things hard for kids to use, they ultimately won’t. 

So far no one in Britt’s home are missing the dividers! Without the dividers it also makes the bench more functional for sitting on as well! 

Quartz Mudroom Bench
Linen apron and MArket Baskets can be purchased in the shop

We hope you have found these tips and advice on Mudroom Benches and layouts useful! If you could have your dream mudroom what would you include? 

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  1. Great article! As a child we had a rack where we hung our wet snowpants, mitts etc on. While not neat and tidy looking we had dry warm clothes to put on the next morning. No musty smells. Love the idea of having the washer and dryer in the mudroom. Fantastic time saver.

  2. I love what you say about the lockers such a helpful tip. I’m hoping you can help me with the space between the 2 benches and through the mudroom space what is a comfortable space … 4ft from , between bench to bench??? Or can it be less… minimum suggested is huge help … thankyou!

  3. I am a life long diy’r. No interest in being seen. Found your page through Grace in my space. So refreshing to find 2 beautiful souls who can be authentic, creative, and resourceful all without fake eyelashes, breasts showing, and full makeup. We are so much more than a marketing tool. Thank you for being authentic 🙂