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A Farmhouse Christmas is warm and rustic and embraces the art of coziness during the holiday season. It uses the simplicity of nature while capturing the glowing lights, cozy textures, and timeless wintry elements of Christmas.

This past January, I was fortunate to be featured as the cover and feature of Better Homes & Gardens Farmhouse Christmas Magazine for 2023. The experience was amazing, and one my family and I won’t soon forget.

Farmhouse Christmas With Better Homes & Gardens

The magazine sent an entire team all the way up North to Canada to photograph our beautiful 1903 Victorian home. Lacey was the interior designer who helped us with the project, and Adam was a talented photographer who used his magic to make our house look magazine-worthy. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wintry scene the day they arrived.  

The hoar frost was thick, flocking the trees in our yard and the fresh garlands that hung on the front porch. All while the sun beamed through, giving the shoot the perfect lighting. The entire home looked like it was straight out of a scene from the movie White Christmas.

This is the beautiful image that was the inspiration for the cover of the magazine.

What Is A Farmhouse Christmas 

Farmhouse Christmas, the magazine prides itself on a style of holiday decor that celebrates all things rustic and vintage. To me, a farmhouse Christmas embodies a cozy, warm, timeless atmosphere reminiscent of the simplicity and charm of farmhouse living and Christmas’s past.  

I have always loved this decorating style, even before we owned this big, beautiful heritage home. A farmhouse Christmas’s classic, cozy, natural vibe seems to bring peace and calmness into any home. I also loved incorporating vintage items, so it was a natural fit. 

Elements Of A Farmhouse Christmas 

A Farmhouse Christmas is about creating a warm, inviting, and unpretentious holiday atmosphere that brings us back to the simplicity of simple living.. It’s a style that resonates with those seeking a timeless and cozy holiday experience. A few key elements to incorporate for a farmhouse Christmas are:

Neutral Color Palette 

Farmhouse Christmas decor often features a neutral color palette, including whites, creams, beiges, and natural tones. These colors help to create a serene and timeless backdrop.

Similar to decorating for a Scandinavian Christmas, by adding layers to your holiday decor and using neutral tones, the elements you want to be featured can truly be the star of the show! 

Natural Elements and Fresh Greenery

When decorating for a farmhouse Christmas, plan on using lots of natural elements. Greenery is used for fresh garland, wreaths, and winter arrangements throughout the home. You can also try hanging a simple wreath of dried oranges, eucalyptus, red berries, pine cones, or simple greenery. Not only are these items classic and give the perfect rustic feel, but most of them smell amazing and are easy to DIY. 

Funny story about the Better Homes & Gardens shoot: They didn’t contact me until December of 2022, so it would be too late to use all my natural decor for the shoot. I ended up taking down all the holiday greenery and replacing it in the new year right before the shoot. However, I didn’t want to cut down any more Christmas trees, so I dumpster-dived the tree disposal lot in my small town and managed to find so many beautiful big and small trees for the photoshoot!

Sometimes, I still think about the people who owned the trees before me; little did they know on Christmas morning, as they sat by their trees, that those same trees would be featured in a beautiful magazine shoot before long.

Rustic Ornaments

Farmhouse Christmas decorations lean towards rustic elements, featuring wooden, metal, or burlap ornaments. These ornaments often have simple designs and may include symbols of farm life.

Clay ornaments are one of the easiest rustic farmhouse ornaments to make for the holiday season. These beautiful ornaments are also fun to personalize and use as gift tags too.

Plaid and Buffalo Check

 Plaid and buffalo check patterns are prevalent in textiles like blankets, throw pillows, and tree skirts. These classic patterns go a long way by adding a touch of coziness and a bit of color to any space. 

I even love using plaid blankets on my front porch to add a pop of color and warmth to a wintry look.

Galvanized Metal Accents

Farmhouse decor frequently incorporates galvanized metal elements like lanterns, buckets, trays, and ornaments. The worn and weathered appearance of galvanized metal adds to the rustic charm.

I love to use antique galvanized bins as Christmas tree stands. They look beautiful and work like a charm. If you don’t have an antique or old-looking galvanized bucket, try this aging technique on a new one instead. It will look vintage in no time!

Wooden Decor

Wood plays a significant role in Farmhouse Christmas decor. This includes wooden signs, crates, ornaments, and other handmade or distressed wood elements.

I love using handmade wooden trees and wooden houses with candles for chimneys! Wood slice ornaments and gift tags are perfect to display for a farmhouse Christmas and so easy to make.

Vintage Touches

Adding anything vintage will give nostalgic touches to your home, making it feel like it has a farmhouse style.  Antique-inspired pieces, such as vintage ornaments, old-fashioned sleds, and metal bells, contribute to the nostalgic and authentic farmhouse feel. 

It’s no secret that if you have been around here for any length of time, you will know that I love everything vintage! I try to simplify my home by purchasing only items I can use all year round, especially antique pieces that can be used to add Christmas charm and for flower containers in the summertime.  

Perhaps you can try hanging vintage cookie cutters on your tree or use them as charming gift tags. Or make a beautiful wreath out of vintage holiday collectibles like I did here.

Candles and Twinkle Lights

Candles and lanterns are used to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Farmhouse-style candle holders often have a simple and understated design.

Farm Animals and Symbols

Farm-themed elements, like miniature farm animals and symbols associated with rural life, may be incorporated into decorations.

DIY and Handmade Decor 

A farmhouse Christmas embraces a handmade and do-it-yourself spirit, and I am forever trying new DIYs for the holidays ( and all year round, if I’m being honest). Try tapping into your creative side by making a DIY wreath, gingerbread villages or cookies, homemade ornaments, and garlands to add a personal touch to your decor.

Simple Furniture

Farmhouse-style decor extends to furniture, featuring simple, comfortable, and often vintage-inspired pieces that contribute to a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

Linens and Textiles

Try adding cozy linens and textiles throughout your whole home. Fabrics with a homespun feel, such as burlap or gingham, are commonly used in Farmhouse Christmas decor, and these textiles add a touch of charm and simplicity.  Use burlap, plaid blankets, and linen table runners to enhance the farmhouse feel.

A Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Now that you know what to add for decor to achieve a farmhouse Christmas, let’s get to the good part… The Tree! If I have one recommendation, opt for a real Christmas tree to bring in the authentic scent of pine and enhance the natural feel of your Christmas.  Even better, choose a tree with a slightly irregular shape for a more organic look. I love a good Charlie Brown or Grinchmas tree

If you go with an artificial tree, try something new and perhaps go with a flocked tree for something different. Then, simply decorate your tree with natural elements such as dried orange ornaments, vintage glass ornaments, mercury garlands, and rustic elements.

Keep It Simple But Make It Cozy

The importance of “cozy” in a Farmhouse Christmas cannot be stressed enough, as it plays the biggest role in creating the warm and inviting atmosphere that defines this style of holiday celebration. 

Coziness in a farmhouse Christmas reflects the simplicity and unpretentious charm of farmhouse living. 

It emphasizes that holiday celebrations are about creating a comfortable and welcoming environment rather than a home that is overwhelming and full of too much STUFF. In fact, I believe it is the exact opposite. A cozy Christmas should reflect the simplicity and charm of farmhouse living. So keep it simple, but make it oh so cozy!

Shop Farmhouse Christmas Decor

I have a beautiful farmhouse Christmas decor collection in my Shop, but here are a few of my favorite items.

More Christmas Inspiration

Frequently Asked

How to decorate farmhouse style for Christmas?

Farmhouse style seamlessly blends uncomplicated furniture with vintage decorations, whether authentic or reproductions. It incorporates natural elements, such as pinecones, twigs, and greenery, while integrating a mix of rustic and primitive items like vintage baskets.

What do you put on a farmhouse Christmas tree?

To decorate your tree with farmhouse style, add rustic wooden ornaments, burlap ribbons, and galvanized metal accents, creating a cozy and timeless holiday feel that embraces the charm of farmhouse style. Opt for a neutral color palette, incorporate natural elements like pinecones and twigs, and complete the look with a sparse arrangement for a farmhouse Christmas tree for simplicity and warmth.

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  1. I was looking for your dogs names but didn’t see them in your narrative. Did I miss the names somehow? They are so cute and looked liked they knew exactly how to pose in each shot! Such a lovely home! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Aw thank you for the lovely comment. My big white Golden is named Jersey and the small white Boston (who acts like she is the big dog in town) is named Libby. They are quite the pair.