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August 26, 2020

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Garden Harvest Tips 

Garden season is one of our favourite seasons! If you are lucky enough to have a plot of land large enough to grow your food, then a garden can be very rewarding. Fresh garden harvest veggies taste far better than those bought at the store and you can also control what pesticides and other GMO’s that are added to your food during the growing process. And let’s be honest… it is just plain old’ satisfying to grown your food!

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That being said, there are a few tips and tricks that will help your garden and harvest grow better and go smoother. For tips on what to plant and how to plant, please take a look at our gardening post and be sure to grab your downloadable gardening guide!

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Stay on Top of your Harvest!

So now your garden is planted, but the harvest is fast approaching. There are a few general tips to keep in mind leading up to this time of the year.

garden boxes late august ready for harvest

Some veggies will mature far quicker than others. Some of your vegetables can ripen or even pass the point of peak tasting within a matter of days! Radishes can quickly go spicy or woody and zucchini/squashes can grow rapidly in a short period, which will drastically affect the flavour! Plus, when harvested at the correct time, you may even yield a larger amount of vegetables that season.

Garden Vegetables

Use the Proper Tools for the Job

Harvest time will not only be much easier with the proper tools but it will also ensure less damage to your vegetables! Some veggies won’t require tools, such as lettuces, peas or herbs but others like carrots, potatoes, squashes or pumpkins may require a shovel, pitchfork, sharp knife or scissors! Both Britt and Deb use the classic french scissors found in our online shop! Do your research and find the tools that work best for you! The last thing you want to do it damaged your plant in the harvesting process as that will make it not produce as well and it will be more susceptible to disease!

Fall apple harvest wood basket french scissors

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Harvest in Dry Conditions

Not only will this save you washing your feet and tools but it will also ensure that you don’t spread disease through your plants.

watering garden

Keep an Eye Out

You will want to make sure you are checking your vegetables throughout the growing season. If you see a rotting or damaged part of the plant or veggie, be sure to remove it. The plant will send all its nutrients to a damaged or sick
area, leaving nothing for the healthy part of the plant! There’s no use letting the plant put energy into fruit you won’t be able to consume plus you will yield more if you keep on top of anything that shouldn’t be there!

Farmhouse Entrance fall garden harvested vegetables

Handle with Care

Try not to bump or bruise your veggies or the plants they grow on
as this may cause rot or diseases! Like we discussed above, there is nothing good if you have bad fruit on the vine!

pickled carrot recipe

Did we miss any? We hope you find these tips useful and if you have the opportunity to grow a garden, we strongly encourage it! We would love to hear any tips from you as we know some of you are even more in the know than we are!

When to Harvest

Now that you have some ideas on how and what to do for harvest, let's summarize WHEN you should harvest certain plants. Use the below chart as your guide!

garden harvest chart 2
garden harvest chart 3
garden harvest chart 4
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