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Ways To Add Touches of Shiplap In Your Home

Ways To Add Touches of Shiplap In Your Home

As much as I love the look of shiplap, I have a hard time adding it to my home to much unless it is in areas that looks like it is original to the home. This house has original picture rail all around the main level which I don’t want to remove as it adds such an elegant original touch. SO, I am slowly deciding to add a few touches of shiplap through out the main level and whole home. Take a look below at some ways to add touches of shiplap in your home,  where I have it so far and where I am thinking we will add it in the future.


Add a Shiplap Feature Wall – Adding a feature wall can sometimes be just the right amount of detail for the space without going over board. The back entrance of this house was an addition that was literally slapped on the outside of the house. One wall is the cedar siding like the rest of our exterior of the house. We decided to ship lap over the panel board when we were renovating this house to match the one wall! I love how it turned out!! This is one of my favourite rooms in the house because of the character it holds.

Touches of Shiplap mudroom

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Add a Small Touch of Shiplap  – Adding a touch of shiplap like a headboard or wall hanging can give you the look and feel you want with out having to change the whole room. You don’t need it to be white or horizontal for a feature like this. My son’s headboard is a gorgeous salvaged barn wood and it looks perfect!!

Ways to add touches of shiplap in your home

I didn’t love the look of my barn door above the fireplace as I found it was taking away from the focal point of the beautiful fireplace. I turned it over and painted the other side pure white! Now it just adds texture to the wall instead of competing with the fireplace!!! It is so simple and clean. Such an easy way to add a bit of farmhouse texture on a low budget!

Touches of Shiplap fireplace

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Shiplap the Whole Room – Adding shiplap to a whole space can make the room look airy and bright! The attic is now the hang out space for our whole family! It turned out better and more beautiful than I ever imagined. The amount of natural light in this space is spectacular and the shiplap completely ‘fits’ naturally in the space and gives the space a finished look!

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white attic space magnolia beatie coffee table

Go Over Existing Wallpaper or Panel Board – I have taken wall paper down many times before and it can be a HUGE job! Going over with shiplap may just save you on time and give you the look you are wanting.  We still have two bathrooms and the kitchen to do major renovations on. The kitchen has panel board walls which I have painted over and it is fine for now but I have big ideas for this space. I want to eventually shiplap the whole area, including the ceiling with a thinner board shiplap, and then add massive beams! Eventually, the kitchen and back entrance will replicate each other and flow together.

Make a Space Feel Bigger with Shiplap – Adding horizontal detail to a small space will allow the room to feel larger. Especially if it is painted white, like most shiplap is.  Both the bathrooms in the home still need a BIG renovation, so when we finally start on those I am thinking shiplap for them. They are small spaces and I think it will add some character to the spaces. The grandson of the original owners came to our house when we first bought it and he told us that the bathrooms weren’t part of the original house. They still went outside to use a toilet then and that his grandmother was disgusted when his grandfather wanted to add a toilet in the house. Such a cute story and makes me think the bathrooms don’t need to be a direct reflection of the rest of the house.

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 I hope you enjoyed my Ways To Add Touches of Shiplap In Your Home What do you think of shiplap in your home?! Do you think it is just a fad that will be out of style in the future or something that will stand the test of time? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Deborah,
    I truly enjoy reading your posts and blogs. Loved the bathroom story.
    I think shiplap is timeless! Your house is beautiful.