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Nothing is more welcoming in a home than a beautiful evergreen winter wreath! Making a winter wreath is not only a fun, easy, and creative project, but it also allows you to save money compared to buying a pre-made one. 

Every year, I love to add beautiful fresh greenery as winter decor to our home. Sometimes, it is in the form of evergreen garlands; sometimes, it is displayed in pots and as arrangments, and other times I will make a beautiful wreath! No matter how I add fresh greens to my home, it always helps to make the winter season feel cozy! Here is a simple tutorial on how you can make your own simple DIY Christmas wreath using evergreens, too!

Foraging Evergreen And Natural Elements

Although most of the items that you use for making a simple DIY wreath can be found in a craft store, it is sometimes fun and satisfying to head out into the winter wonderland and gather your supplies for making a beautiful winter wreath.

Foraging for evergreen and natural elements is also a great way to save money on materials for DIY winter wreaths. 

I am lucky enough to have our tiny house cabin in the woods, where there is an abundance of evergreens and natural elements available. If you live in a city, get creative and try looking at local parks or forests to collect supplies; make sure you can take items from those spaces.

 There are many options for winter stems, including pine, spruce branches, cedar, holly, and juniper. These evergreens not only look beautiful but also last longer than other types of foliage. 

Also, hunt for natural elements to add to your wreath, such as pinecones, eucalyptus, and juniper berries. These elements can add texture and interest to your wreath and can be found in your backyard or local park or forest, too.

Just look for materials of different sizes in good condition, and avoid any that are dry, brittle, or discolored. It’s also important to consider the size and shape of the materials, as they will need to fit together to create a cohesive wreath.

Shop Wreath Supplies

If foraging isn’t your thing or you can’t find somewhere to gather your supplies, faux stems and artificial greenery work fine. A lot of times, you can find these items as thrift store finds, too! Here are a few that might do the trick, too.

Materials Required

  • Evergreen branches: Choose a variety of evergreen branches like pine, cedar, and fir. You can buy them from a local florist or collect them from your backyard.
  • Wreath form: You can use a wire or foam wreath form. I have always loved to use a grapevine wreath form, too.
  • Floral wire: Used to attach the evergreen branches to the wreath form using floral wire.
  • Pruning shears: Used to trim the evergreen branches to the desired length.
  • Decorative elements: You can add decorative elements like pinecones, red berries, or ribbon to give your wreath a festive touch.

How to Make An Evergreen Winter Wreath

Now that you have found the best materials for your simple winter wreath, here are the easy step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Preparing the Base

Begin by attaching the floral wire to the wire wreath frame. Secure the wire by twisting it around the frame. Then, cut the evergreen branches into small pieces, about 6-8 inches in length.

Step 2: Arranging the Elements

Using the florist wire, attach the evergreen branches to the wreath frame with floral wire. Make sure to overlap the branches slightly to create a full and lush look.

Continue adding evergreen branches to the wreath frame, working your way around the frame clockwise. As you add branches, make sure to vary the direction and angle of the branches to create a natural and organic look.

As you add more branches, you may find that some of them start to slip or shift. To prevent this, use additional floral wire to secure the branches in place. Simply wrap the wire around the branch and the wreath frame, twisting the wire tightly to hold everything in place.

Step 3: Add the Finishing Touches

Now that you have added all of your evergreen branches and secured them in place, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Add pine cones, berries, or other decorative elements to your wreath to give it a festive look.

To attach these elements, use floral wire to wrap them around the wreath frame. You can also use hot glue to attach them, but be careful not to burn yourself or damage the evergreen branches.

Continue adding elements until you have you have achieved your desired look! Vóla… you now have a beautiful evergreen winter wreath!

Making A Fresh Winter Wreath Last Longer

There are a few simple tips you can use for any fresh evergreen to make the stems last longer; there are a few tips and tricks that can help extend its lifespan. Here are some helpful ways to keep your DIY winter wreath looking fresh and beautiful throughout the season:

  • Keep it hydrated – Make sure to mist the wreath with water every few days to help it retain moisture. You can also soak the wreath in water for a few hours before hanging it up to help it stay fresh for longer.
  • Avoid direct sunlight – Direct sunlight can dry out your fresh winter wreath quickly, so it’s important to avoid hanging it in a spot with too much sun.
  • Use a wreath hanger – A wreath hanger will allow air to circulate around the wreath, which can help prevent mold and mildew from forming.
  • Add a moisture absorber – You can use silica gel packets or even a handful of rice to help absorb excess moisture and prevent mold and mildew.
  • Spray with a preservative spray. These sprays can help keep your wreath looking fresh and beautiful for up to several weeks. I have used Wilt Pruf and had good luck with it.

Tips and Tricks to Make A DIY Evergreen Winter Wreath

Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a beautiful and long-lasting wreath.

  1. Choose the Right Materials – When selecting materials for your wreath, it’s important to choose evergreen branches that are fresh and pliable. Look for branches that have a deep green color and are free of brown needles. You can add other materials, such as pinecones, berries, and ribbon, to give your wreath a festive touch.
  2. Use the Right Tools – To make a wreath, you’ll need a wire wreath frame, floral wire, and wire cutters. You can also use pruning shears to trim the evergreen branches to the desired length. It’s important to have the right tools on hand to ensure that your wreath-making process goes smoothly.
  3. Create a Strong Base – To create a strong base for your wreath, start by attaching the evergreen branches to the wire frame with floral wire. Make sure to overlap the branches and secure them tightly to the frame. This will help to create a sturdy base for your wreath.
  4. Add Decorative Elements – Once you have created a strong base, you can add decorative elements such as pinecones, berries, and ribbon. Use floral wire to attach these elements to the wreath, distributing them evenly around the wreath design.
  5. Keep Your Wreath Fresh – A great way to keep your wreath fresh throughout the holiday is to mist it with water every few days. You can also place it in a cool, dry place when not in use. This will help to prevent the evergreen branches from drying out and losing their needles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best evergreen for making winter wreaths?

The best evergreen for making winter wreaths is the one that is abundant in your area. Common evergreens used for wreaths include pine, cedar, and fir. Pine is the most commonly used evergreen, as it is readily available and has a long lifespan. Cedar is also a popular choice, as it gives off a pleasant aroma and is easy to work with. Fir is a bit harder to find, but it has a beautiful blue-green color and is very sturdy.

How do you make an evergreen wreath last?

To make an evergreen wreath last, it is important to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Spraying it with water every few days can also help to keep it fresh. If you want to keep your wreath for an extended period of time, you can add a preservative solution to the water you spray it with. Another tip is to store your wreath in a cool, dry place when you are not using it.

What do you spray on evergreen wreaths?

To keep an evergreen wreath looking fresh, you can spray it with a mixture of water and glycerin. Glycerin is a natural preservative that will help to keep the needles from drying out. You can add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture to give your wreath a pleasant scent. Another option is to spray your wreath with a mix of water and hairspray, which will help to hold the needles in place and prevent them from falling off.

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Fresh evergreen wreath for winter, hanging from a door.
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How To Make An Winter Evergreen Wreath

Making a winter wreath is not only a fun, easy, and creative project, but it also allows you to save money compared to buying a pre-made one. 
Prep Time15 minutes
Active Time30 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Course: christmas, diy projects
Keyword: diy evergreen wreath, diy wreath, wreath
Yield: 1 wreath
Cost: 15




  • Gather Your Evergreen Material: Start by collecting a variety of evergreen branches. You can purchase them from a garden center or cut them from your own trees. Ensure you have a good mix of textures and colors.
    Fresh cedar bows to make a winter wreath DIY.
  • Trim the Evergreen Branches: Use pruning shears or scissors to cut the evergreen branches into manageable lengths, typically 6-8 inches.
    Shears and florist wire to make a DIY evergreen winter wreath.
  • Attach the First Branch: Take one of the trimmed branches and secure it to the wreath frame using floral wire or twine. Start by wrapping the wire around the frame and branch a few times.
    Cutting florist wire with prunning shears to make a wreath.
  • Layer the Evergreen: Add more branches, overlapping them slightly as you go around the frame. Secure each branch with wire or twine, making sure they cover the previous branch's stems. Keep adding evergreen branches until you've covered the entire wreath frame, ensuring a full and even appearance.
    When you reach the starting point, tuck the last branch under the first and secure it with wire or twine.
    Trim any excess or uneven branches to create a neat and uniform wreath shape.
    Floral wire that is wrapped around a DIY fresh evergreen wreath.
  • Add Decorations (Optional): Use a hot glue gun or wire to attach decorative elements such as pinecones, berries, ribbon, or ornaments to your wreath. Be creative! Inspect your wreath for any loose branches or decorations, and make any necessary adjustments.
    Adding juniper stems to a DIY fresh evergreen winter wreath.
  • Attach a wire or ribbon to the back of your wreath for hanging. Make sure it's secure and balanced.
    Girl holding a DIY winter wreath.
  • Hang and Enjoy


Tips and Tricks For Making A Winter Wreath
  • Choose a variety of fresh evergreen branches like spruce, pine, fir, cedar, and holly. Combining different textures and shades of green will make your wreath more visually appealing. Combine soft and feathery needles with more rigid and spiky ones.
  • If you’re cutting greenery from your own garden, use sharp pruning shears to ensure clean cuts.
  • Trim the branches into manageable lengths, typically 6-8 inches. To keep the greenery fresh longer, you can soak the cut ends in water for a few hours before starting.
  • Layer the greenery closely and evenly around the wreath frame. Overlapping the branches slightly can help hide the frame and create a lush look.
  • Use a Color Palette. Stick to a specific color palette to maintain a cohesive look. You can go for traditional red and green or choose a more neutral, rustic theme.
  • Position a larger decoration, such as a bow or a unique ornament, as the focal point of your wreath to draw the eye. You also want to ensure that any decorations, especially heavy ones, are securely attached to your wreath to prevent them from falling off.
  •  If you plan to display your wreath outdoors, consider applying an anti-desiccant spray to help the greenery retain its moisture and vibrant color. You can also mist it with water every few days and remove any dried or discolored foliage.
  • Remember that fresh greenery wreaths have a limited lifespan. Enjoy the beauty of your creation throughout the holiday season, and if it begins to show signs of wilting, consider replacing it with a fresh one.

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