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What a whirlwind week… We haven’t been this busy with renovations since we bought this place almost 5 years ago! As much as I enjoy working with my husband on these types of projects, I have to say We. Are. Tired! It’s been late nights all week followed by early morning working through the day to try and get this space, Project Attic, complete before life gets back to normal and my husband heads back to work. It has been SO worth it!!! I have put together some photos from how the space is looking now and I am so happy with it already! I can’t wait to spend my evenings in front of the fire with our family right here!  Take a peek and let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you think I should add a few big beams to the space? Or leave the ceiling as is?! ❤️

How to finish an attic space, shiplap


We rented a drum sander early in the week, and took a stab at the existing floors.  To our surprise, under all of that dirt, were beautiful, aged, Fir hardwood floors! I loved that they were surfaced nailed over 115 years ago and SO authentic.

The entire time we’ve owned that house I thought I would paint those for white, until we sanded them! Finding these beauties underneath I just couldn’t put paint on top of them.

Tips to refinish hardwood floors

We also used a different floor poly than I have in the past as we didn’t have as much ventilation up in this space. The product I used was a water-based Varathane for floors, crystal clear in color and a Satin finish.

Gloss Crystal Clear Floor Finish

It had little to no odor at all, was very easy to apply, almost fool proof, and dried rapidly quick. I didn’t find that required as much stirring or maintenance to actually apply the product as a previous polyurethane’s I have used.

Tips to refinish hardwood floors

It goes on almost like water it’s so thin and we use a sponge applicator as opposed to a roller. It took 4 coats of product. I still can’t get over how smooth of a surface it’s produced!!

How to finish an attic space, shiplap

I would highly recommend this product over the ones that have nasty fumes, high VOC and are more difficult to work with. Hopefully it holds up and is durable in the long run!!

Tips to refinish hardwood floors


From there we moved right onto the walls! We use Pine shiplap tongue and groove boards on the walls throughout that entire space, so I decided to use a solid stain as opposed to a paint product on the walls.

The stain allowed a much better coverage with far less product in a paint would have.

I went with the good ol’faithful Benjamin Moore Oxford White that I have used throughout my home. I also purchased it in a 5 gallon pail as you get more bang for your buck that way.

How to finish an attic space, shiplap

With painting such a large area, we decided to use an industrial sprayer to paint the room. Doing it this way saves so much time and the application looks much nicer. However, all did not go completely smooth, we decided to use painters dropcloth as opposed to poly or plastic to cover the floor and unfortunately some paint did get onto the floor!


We had to use Goof Off Remover to scrub the floor clean of any unwanted paint once we were all done however we are very happy with the outcome of the space.

Now it is onto the fun stuff, picking Decor! The only issue we have is the stair case is extremely small and at the base there is a very sharp corner for us to get around or get anything up to the attic. Most of our larger pieces will have to be put together up there.

How to finish an attic space, shiplap

The hunt for a couch has already caused me some grief and I may have to find one that I can build in the space! I’m always up for good challenge! To see the original space and all the steps we had to take to get it to this point head over to my previous Project Attic Renovation .

How to finish an attic space, shiplap

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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous attic! I’m not sure I’d place a beam up there only because it may detract from the beautiful floors? Hadn’t thought of not being able to get a sofa up those steps either. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you do. No matter what you decide, it will be magical I’m sure.

  2. Beautiful job. What a fantastic home you have Created. By all means I feel beams in the ceiling are a must adding to the great character and warmth. they should look rustic in order to add to the historic story of your home

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback and comment !! I agree that beams would look good up there. ❤️