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Hygge style is a Danish concept that embodies comfort, coziness, and a sense of well-being. This approach to living emphasizes the importance of creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the simple things in life. From soft lighting to plush textiles, hygge style invites you to savor moments of quiet contentment and togetherness. 

After having my children, I started to feel a pull towards a simpler everyday lifestyle, but I didn’t have a word that encompassed it. I wanted to bring more simplicity into my home and our lives. Simple things like taking the time to cook a nice meal and sharing it with friends, having baths more instead of showering, or taking a leisurely walk in nature. When I first heard the Danish word Hygge, it resonated so strongly with me, and I fully embraced it in our historic home and tiny house. Hygge is about valuing quality time, finding joy in the ordinary, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

A cozy hygge styled attic space that has an antique bowl full of candles, a beautiful picture of a cozy winter cabin and a wood burning fireplace.

What Is Hygge Style?

Incorporating Hygge style into your home is both simple and transformative. The word Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a concept or way of life in the Nordic countries that embodies comfort, coziness, and contentment. Hygge translates from an old Norwegian word that means “well-being.” It’s not just an interior design style; it’s a way of living. It’s about making your living space a sanctuary where you can unwind and feel at peace, alone or with loved ones. This cozy lifestyle extends beyond the home, influencing your daily life. It encourages you to slow down, appreciate the now, and nurture your relationships.

Think about incorporating soft throws, candles, and books into your decor or adding natural elements like warm woods. Plants or flowers can also promote a sense of serenity.  

Elements of Hygge StyleDescription
TextureUse knits, wool, and fluffy throws for tactile comfort.
ColorOpt for neutral tones with soothing tones like beige and grey.
LightingSoft, ambient light from candles or lamps creates a serene mood.

Hygge Style Elements

To create a Hygge style in your space, prioritize soft textures and calming colors. Think of your home as a sanctuary that offers warmth and relaxation. The concept of Hygge is all about creating an environment where you can unwind in peace.  Here are some key design elements to introduce Hygge interior style into your space.

Neutral Colors

This style of Scandinavian design almost always included a neutral color palette. From soft whites to dark, deep tones, Hygge’s home design sticks to natural, earthy tones rather than bright or bold colors. 

I use the Benjamin Moore color Oxford white in both of our homes. It is a beautiful white that allows my home decor to be the focal point instead of the walls. 

A white golden retriever lying on the floor of the front entrance with a bucket of flower beside her and the big beautiful wooden front door.

Layers of Comfort

Your sense of touch plays a vital role in experiencing hygge. Soft, cozy blankets and linen pillows can add layers of comfort to your living areas. Similarly, a thick, woolen rug underfoot can instantly make a room feel cozier.

I love to use a sheepskin rug instead of throw blankets on the arm of our slipcover sofas. It is an easy way to add texture and warmth to a small space.

Candles in a stoneware bowl beside a linen pillow on top of a sheep skin rug that is layered on a white sofa.

Natural Textures

One of the easiest ways to bring a piece of nature indoors is to use natural materials like wooden furniture, decor with wood tones, and fresh flowers. Materials like linen also look beautiful and have a comforting, natural feel.

Deborah, B Vintage Style, adding fresh Globe thistle to a large antique bucket on a table.

Warm Lighting

Lighting is crucial for a hygge ambiance. Natural light is always used during the daytime, but try opting for soft, diffused lighting with lamps and candles rather than harsh overhead lights in the evening. Warm-toned LED bulbs can mimic the glow of firelight and create an inviting, soothing environment.

A beautiful room with a chippy antique table and a vintage wood box with plants on top.

Creating a Hygge Home

Embrace the Danish concept of coziness and comfort in your space by adding elements that promote a warm, inviting atmosphere. Always begin with keeping a neat and clutter-free environment as it contributes to a peaceful ambiance. For more tips on how to simplify and declutter your home, you can read my guide.

Now, let’s transform your home into a hygge haven, room by room.

Living Room Essentials

For a hygge living room, start with soft lighting. Use table lamps and candles to create a gentle glow. You can also place twinkle lights during the winter months, too. 

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, using it will take your hygge style to the next level. Wood-burning fireplaces touch so many senses, from the crackling noise to the smell of the wood burning, and they will instantly cause you to relax. Make the fireplace the focal point of your living room space.

A living room styled with Hygge style. A fireplace with wood stacked beside it and two dogs laying in front of it.

Comfortable furniture is always a must in a hygge-style living room. This space needs to be somewhere you can truly relax and enjoy. Try incorporating plush textures with throw pillows and warm blankets for a cozy space that invites relaxation.

I always add antique decor when styling the coffee table, too. Go treasure hunting and look for affordable vintage decor at thrift stores or antique shops.

A white slipcover sofa with a bench in front of it as a coffee table with tulips in a jar.

Cozy Bedroom Tips

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Invest in high-quality bedding that feels luxurious against your skin, like linen, and then add layers of this bedding to your bed, giving a cozy, comfortable feel. I love sleeping in 100% European linen bedding, which can be a bit of an investment but worth every penny.

Add candles with calming scents that give off a warm glow and make your room a serene space. Make sure to invest in a high-quality, comfortable mattress too.

Kitchen and Dining

Transforming a kitchen to Hygge style goes beyond decor; it’s about cultivating a sense of warmth, ensuring everyone who steps in feels cared for and nourished. Use mason jars and baskets to keep countertops tidy, especially in a small space. Have plenty of natural light in the kitchen if you can, and add natural elements like fresh herbs in pots and fresh flowers

A large antique bucket of French larkspur on a kitchen island.

If you have the space, try setting up a hot beverage station. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or cocoa, this is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite drinks quickly and easily. I invested in an espresso machine years ago and love that I can make delicious drinks that are as good as the ones you can get at your favorite coffee shop.

The dining room is one of the most important spaces for incorporating hygge style because it is where you spend time together as a family. Keep furniture with clean lines in the dining room and then create warmth with natural materials like stoneware or handmade pottery, wooden cutting boards, and linen tablecloths or napkins, adding a touch of homeliness to your meals. 

Hygge Throughout the Seasons

Although most people think Scandinavian countries use Hygge to help get through the winter blues, some of the happiest people, including me, like to incorporate it in different ways all year long:

Autumn and Winter Hygge

As leaves turn amber and nights grow cold, it is the perfect time to add hygge decor ideas to your home interiors. Imagine sipping hot chocolate by flickering candlelight, wrapped in a woolen blanket, or try any of these ideas to incorporate Hygge:

Deborah, B Vintage Style, in the cozy hygge styled kitchen with fresh baked goods and beautiful fall flowers in baskets.
  • Candlelight Ambiance. During the darker months, illuminate your space with the soft glow of candles or a wood-burning stove to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Cozy Knits. Surround yourself with soft, warm textures and cozy elements. Think chunky knit blankets and woolen socks for comfort and warmth.
  • Hot Beverages. Sip on hot chocolate, mulled wine, apple cider, or your favorite tea to warm up from the inside out.
  • Seasonal Baking. Fill your home with the aroma of baked goods like banana bread or peach crumble, embracing the scents of the season.
  • Indoor Hobbies. Take up a relaxing indoor hobby like reading, knitting, or crafting to enjoy the coziness of your home.
  • Nature Walks. Bundle up and go for walks in the crisp outdoor air to appreciate the changing leaves or the tranquil silence after a snowfall.
  • Intimate Gatherings. Host small get-togethers with close friends or family to enjoy good food, conversation, and laughter in a cozy setting.

Hygge in Spring and Summer

Hygge is often associated with the colder winter months. However, Hygge can be embraced year-round, including during spring and summer. When spring blossoms and summer rays brighten your days, here are some ways to incorporate hygge into the warmer months:

Deborah, B Vintage Style, decorating the living room space with fresh peony flowers as the sun shines in.
  • Bring Nature Indoors. Spring is a time of renewal and growth. Celebrate this by bringing fresh flowers and green plants into your home. The sight and smell of blooming flora can create a serene and hygge atmosphere.
  • Spring Cleaning. Clearing out clutter and freshening up your space can have a calming effect and make room for new possibilities. A clean and orderly home is very hygge.
  • Outdoor Picnics. Pack a basket with your favorite foods and a cozy blanket to enjoy a meal in the park. This is a perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and the company of friends and family.
A beautiful girl wearing a hat and enjoying a hygge style picnic under a big beautiful blooming apple tree.
  • Lighter Textures. Replace heavy winter blankets and pillows with lighter, softer linens and textiles in pastel or earthy tones. This can refresh the look of your space while maintaining that cozy feeling.
  • Evening Walks. As the days grow longer, take advantage of the extended daylight by going for leisurely walks. A long walk is a great way to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • Twilight Moments. Make the most of the long summer evenings by relaxing outside as the sun sets. Light some candles or a fire pit to add to the ambiance.
  • Lazy Lake Days. Spend a lazy day at the beach. Soaking in the sun, reading a good book, or just watching the waves can be incredibly hygge.
  • Seasonal Food and Drinks. Indulge in summer fruits, vegetables, and refreshing drinks. Preparing and enjoying seasonal food is a Hygge way to connect with the time of year.
  • Outdoor Activities. Engage in outdoor activities like gardening, biking, or kayaking. These activities can be relaxing and invigorating and contribute to a sense of well-being.
A beautiful green antique table that has a vintage bucket full of fresh cut flowers in it.

Living a Hygge Lifestyle

Caring for yourself doesn’t have to be complicated or require complex rituals. Hygge style encourages you to embrace coziness and comfort to enhance your daily life. It is all about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

Mindfulness and Well-being

Prioritize self-care by allocating time each day to unwind. l love taking a moment to pause by incorporating simple activities into everyday life. This could be through reading a great book, sipping a cup of tea, or meditating. Your well-being flourishes when you are present in the moment and cherish tranquil experiences. 

I keep a gratitude journal every day and have a morning routine that allows me to start my day with a positive outlook. 

Over the upcoming week, ask yourself what you might remove from your everyday schedule to open up time for cherished activities or moments of rest. But be careful! It’s not merely about substituting one task for another; instead, it’s about creating gaps in your day to welcome life’s surprises.

Hygge With Friends and Family

Cook, get together with friends and family, and have a GOOD TIME! There is nothing complicated about it.  Simply share home-cooked meals or engage in deep conversations. These small, social moments foster a sense of community and belonging, key aspects of a hygge lifestyle.

Beautiful stoneware bowls filled with farm eggs.

​I truly hope you enjoyed this post and find it useful in your journey of implementing Hygge style into your home and everyday life. If there is something you do that I have missed, I would love for you to leave me a message in the comments. Don’t forget to add this post to Pinterest, too.

Hygge Decor Ideas

Although I have a much larger selection of hygge inspired decor in my Shop, these are a few of the beautiful items I love to use and have in my home.

More Hygge Inspiration

Frequently Asked

What are the ten rules of hygge?

The ten rules of hygge are not strictly defined, as hygge is more of a concept or feeling rather than a set of rules. However, some common principles associated with hygge include creating a cozy atmosphere, spending quality time with loved ones, limiting distractions, finding comfort in simple things, enjoying food together, being present in the moment, expressing gratitude, using soft lighting, performing acts of kindness, and finding humor in life. These elements reflect the emphasis on mindfulness, warmth, and togetherness through everyday pleasures.

Why is Hygge so popular?

Hygge has gained popularity due to its emphasis on creating a cozy, comfortable, and intimate atmosphere, as well as its focus on mindfulness and togetherness. In today’s fast-paced and often stressful world, many people are seeking ways to slow down, enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and connect with others on a deeper level. The concept of hygge resonates with this desire for warmth, relaxation, and meaningful human connections. Additionally, the Danish lifestyle and design aesthetic associated with hygge have been embraced by people around the world as a way to bring more balance and contentment into their lives.

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